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Nin is historical town on the peninsula with small and shallow lagoon of the bay Nin. It was built at low peninsula, which changed at island in 14th century. Nin is connecting with land with two bridges. The chief occupation is farming, prosecution of grapes, olives, fruits, fishing and tourism. In the surrounding of Nin are located lagoons with healthy silt. The silt was using as medication already in Romans time. Near Nin is situated sanatorium with outside rehabilitation during the summer time. Nin was in Romans time called Aenona and was important town, later on was capital city of county and residency place of Croatian’s bishopric. The memory of Grgur Ninski (the famous Croatian bishop from the end of 10th century) is situated at Nin as well. Nin has a interest museum. By the road is located old church of St. Nikol from 11th century.

Nin - church
St. Mikulas church in Prahulje
Nin - church

Ruins of roman temple

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